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How to Purchase the CD-ROM

The CD-ROM contains both a copy of the DOS/Windows Fractal Time software (the final version, 7.10) and the user manual for the software, plus a copy of this website (except for parts that require you to be online) as at February 2, 2014. When the index.html file on the CD-ROM is loaded into your browser (on either a Windows PC or a Macintosh) the home page appears as partly shown in the image at right (click for full size).
This is the final version of this CD-ROM. A copy can be purchased via KAGI or via Share-it.
You can pay via PayPal if you order via KAGI or via Share-it.
KAGI and Share-it both accept Visa and Mastercard and have other payment methods besides PayPal.

The price for a single copy is US$18.75, €14.75 or £11.75. This includes first-class (or airmail) postage to any address (which would otherwise add another $2-$5 to the price).

To purchase one or more copies via KAGI (in California) click on the KAGI button:

The KAGI order page allows you to purchase both this CD-ROM and the Serendipity CD-ROM together at a 20% discount (US$29.95, €24.45 or £18.75 for both). You can pay via PayPal if ordering via KAGI.

To purchase one copy of this CD-ROM via Share-it (in Germany) click on this button:

You can purchase 2 or 3 copies via Share-it at a reduced price of US$14.75, €10.95 or £9.75 per copy (price includes shipping):


If you have any questions about this CD-ROM feel free to contact us.

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