1995-2012 in the Timewave

With the Kelley number set:

1995-2012 Kelley number set

The first higher major resonance:

1995-2012 major resonance

The War of the Austrian Succession began in December 1740 and lasted until 1748 (resonant with the period from September 20 to November 4, 2008). It involved all the major European powers and was conducted globally. It is resonant with the global financial crisis of September-November 2008.

A trigrammatic resonance:

1995-2012 trigrammatic resonance

1995-2012 with the Watkins number set (the Kelley number set without the "half-twist"):

1995-2012 Watkins number set

Very close to the Kelley timewave but not exactly the same.

1995-2012 with the Sheliak number set:

1995-2012 Sheliak number set

Although this timewave also has about five peaks more or less corresponding to the Kelley and Watkins timewaves, it is obviously quite different from both of them. In the "original" timewave (whether Kelley or Watkins variant) there is usually a gradual build-up to a peak and then a sharp descent, whereas in the Sheliak timewave the angle of the up-slope is similar to that of the down-slope. This suggests that the Sheliak timewave does not model events in the real world, where conditions accumulate slowly and a "tipping point" is reached, followed by rapid changes.

For more information about the Kelley number set and the Watkins number set see The Four Number Sets.

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