2011 in the Timewave

With the Kelley number set:

2011 Kelley number set

The first higher major resonance:

2011 major resonance

A trigrammatic resonance:

2011 trigrammatic resonance

The Ninth Crusade began in 1271.

2011 with the Watkins number set (the Kelley number set without the "half-twist"):

2011 Watkins number set

Very close to the Kelley timewave but not exactly the same.

2011 with the Sheliak number set:

2011 Sheliak number set

This is somewhat similar the 2011 timewave obtained with either the Kelley number set or the Watkins number set; the descent begins on the same date (March 22) but in the Sheliak timewave it culminates about two months later (early December instead of early October).

According to Terence McKenna major descents of the timewave are associated with an increase in "novelty" (or in the frequency of "novel" events). A good candidate for the most novel event of 2011 would be the meltdowns at the Fukushima nuclear complex (following the Sendai earthquake and tsunami), which occurred on March 11, eleven days before the beginning of the descent in the timewave.

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