How to Obtain the Timewave Zero Flash Drive

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Three different USB flash drives (a.k.a. thumb drives) are available together.

(1) The Timewave Zero USB flash drive contains both the DOS/Windows Fractal Time software (the final version, 7.10) and the user manual for the software. (Note that the software cannot be run on a Mac.) This flash drive also contains a copy of this website (except for parts that require you to be online) with full versions of all the articles (as shown here).

(2) The second flash drive is entitled An Inquiring Mind, and contains the 'collected writings' of the author of this web site, Peter Meyer. The many articles on this flash drive are grouped into the 16 sections shown here.

(3) The third flash drive contains almost all of the articles on the Serendipity website, as listed in the title index.

Inquiring Mind flash drive   Serendipity flash drive

A Timewave Zero flash drive would be a good gift for any friend interested in Terence McKenna and his (sometimes bizarre) ideas.

Each of these three USB flash drives has a capacity of 4 Gb, and about half is unused, so about 2 Gb is available for storing your own files.

These three flash drives together cost US$49 (including shipping from the U.S.).

Please note that due to the current state of international mail, these flash drives can normally only be sent to an address in the U.S. or Canada.. For Western Europe please inquire first.

How to obtain the Timewave Zero flash drive.

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