A Printable Month in the Goddess Calendar

Today's date in the Common Era Calendar:   2024-07-16   Tuesday, July 16, 2024
Today's date in the McKenna-Meyer Goddess Calendar:   117-13-11   Maria 11, 117

Each of the 13 months in the Goddess Calendar has 29 or 30 days. For a complete definition of the Goddess Calendar click on that link. This web page allows you to define a calendar page (as in "page of a wall calendar") and then print it. Specify the month and the height of each row then click on the 'Create calendar page' button and it will be displayed (unless the input is invalid). You can then print it from your web browser and use it as a planner. (If you don't have your own printer then you can use one at a cybercafe.) To get the date of the full moon see The Goddess Calendar for [this] Year.

The width of the table will be all of the screen or the printed page. Generally it's best to set your printer to landscape mode; in portrait mode the cells are rather narrow. (With some browsers you should check 'Print page background' in 'Print options' so that the cell borders will be printed.) If the calendar does not print entirely on one page, or does not fill the entire page, then return to this page, decrease or increase the row height, and recreate the calendar page.

Start date    MMG year:     month (1-13):   
Row height (3-10):

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